physician photo

Keki R. Balsara, MD

Assistant Professor, Surgery

Medical School

Medical Degree: University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2003

Post Doctoral Education

Residency: Surgery, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, 2010

Fellowship: Surgical Critical Care, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, 2011

Residency: Cardiothoracic Surgery, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, 2014

Board Certifications

Surgery -- Certified
Surgery Critical Care -- Certified

Clinical Interests

Thoracic organ transplantation, advanced therapies for end-stage heart failure, ventricular assist devices, ECMO, coronary artery bypass surgery, aortic surgery, surgical critical care

Research Interests

ICU quality metrics, cost-effectiveness in medicine, VAD outcomes

Hospital Affiliations

Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Patients Seen At

Lung Center
Center for Advanced Medicine
4921 Parkview Place, Suite B, 8th Floor
St. Louis, MO  63110
(314) 362-9181
Fax: (314) 367-8459


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