Greg Patterson: Cancer Experience Sparks Mission to Educate (Links to an external site)

Prostate cancer was a wake-up call for Greg Patterson. Now he is working to encourage men to get checked—today. A morning argument may have saved Greg Patterson’s life. After pushing some health concerns aside for months, Greg finally took action after being scolded by his wife. The result was a diagnosis of stage 3 prostate cancer at age 55. Now Greg is on a mission to change the narrative about the disease.

Shaina Baldwin: Sharing Knowledge, Sparking Change (Links to an external site)

Most people visit an average of seven different doctors and face years of misdiagnoses before discovering they have thoracic outlet syndrome. Shana Baldwin lived that painful experience until finding Robert Thompson, MD, a nationally recognized Washington University vascular surgeon at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. She is now dedicated to helping others find answers sooner.

Saving Limbs Takes Teamwork, Time and Tenacity (Links to an external site)

Patient, Noah Hingst, sitting in front of Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

Across the country, and at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine, collaborative, multidisciplinary teams are working to preserve and reconstruct damaged limbs. Such teams include specialists from multiple fields: orthopedics, trauma, acute and critical care, plastic and reconstructive surgery, vascular surgery, podiatry, wound care and rehabilitation, all working together to lower the number of amputations performed each year.