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40 Years of Service: Celebrating Nancy Myers, Liz Nordike and Mary Quasebarth

Many faculty and staff enjoy long, rewarding careers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

This year, three Department of Surgery staff reach a significant milestone in their length of service at the School of Medicine. Nancy Myers, Liz Nordike and Mary Quasebarth all celebrate 40 years at Washington University.

Though their paths differ, each has had the opportunity to grow throughout their career, and their contributions across the medical school exemplify the tripartite mission of patient care, research and education.

Celebrating Our Staff Milestones

Nancy Myers,staff scientist and lab manager

Nancy Myers

Nancy Myers started as a clinical technician at St. Louis Children’s Hospital in 1982. Her lifelong love of science led her to pursue a career in research. She spent time working in basic research laboratories across the medical school, including 31 years in the immunogenetics lab of Dr. Ted Hansen. Today, Nancy serves as staff scientist and lab manager in the laboratory of Will Gillanders, MD. At the end of her career, she is gratified to see aspects of earlier research work being utilized in clinical trials to potentially help cancer patients.

“I enjoy the hands-on technical aspects of addressing experimental questions in the lab and putting the answers together to get a larger story,” Nancy says. “There is so much knowledge at Washington University. Keep your ears open, ask questions, admit when you don’t understand and seek help when you need it. Never let ambition compromise your integrity. Your turn will come to help others find the answers they’re looking for.”

Liz Nordike, administrative coordinator

Liz Nordike

Liz Nordike serves as administrative coordinator for the Section of Colon and Rectal Surgery. She started as a switchboard operator in plastic and reconstructive surgery in January 1983, and received numerous promotions and new opportunities for growth, moving from reception to billing, management and working as a medical secretary. In plastic surgery, Liz had the opportunity to work with past chiefs Paul Weeks, MD, and Susan Mackinnon, MD. She then joined colon and rectal surgery in 2001, where she worked with past chiefs, Ira Kodner, MD, James Fleshman, MD, and current chief Matthew Mutch, MD.

“I have been lucky enough to work with great physicians and staff who always emphasize teamwork,” Liz says. “Teamwork is truly key. Always try to see the bigger picture, understand how your work is contributing to the mission of the university, and you will have a fulfilling career.”

Mary Quasebarth, clinical nurse

Mary Quasebarth

Mary Quasebarth began her career at Washington University after graduating from nursing school at 20 years old. She spent her first several years on surgical floors and in cardiac stepdown intensive care, then joined the Department of Surgery. In the early days of laparoscopy, Mary worked closely with Michael Brunt, MD, who was instrumental in expanding minimally invasive techniques across the institution.

“My positions at WashU have allowed me to stay on the forefront of surgical care while also providing me immense personal satisfaction, opportunities for growth and new knowledge, and a healthy work-life balance,” Mary says. “What’s kept me here for 40 years is the people. Nurses, residents, students, support staff, surgeons—they have a wealth of knowledge, dedication and empathy. You find mentors here willing to help you. If you admire their work, emulate what you see.”