What to Expect as a New Intern 

What to Expect as a New Intern

From moving to a different city and meeting new people to learning fundamental surgical skills, intern year can be both an exciting and stressful time in a surgical resident’s life. Despite the many changes, there is a lot to look forward to as a trainee begins their surgical residency, including: 

  1. Improving surgical and clinical skills 
  1. Being exposed to a vast number of procedures 
  1. Meeting co-residents, faculty and other members of the department 
  1. Enjoying time outside the hospital 

We asked some of our current interns what they are most excited to do or accomplish this academic year. Read their answers below! 

“Improving my surgical skills, learning as much as I can, meeting and making long-lasting professional relationships with faculty and colleagues.” 

Charles Okere, MBBS, general surgery resident

“Learning how to manage patients on call more efficiently and be exposed to a vast number of interesting cases!” 

Christopher Noda, MD, general surgery resident 

“Keeping an open mind about and trying to learn something about patient care from each of my rotations.” 

Adrienne Visani, MD, general surgery resident

“Gaining a broad exposure to general surgery disciplines during intern year and developing surgical skills.” 

Arthur Sletten, MD, plastic and reconstructive surgery resident 

“I am excited to become more confident in managing post-operative surgical patients, develop operative skills, and increase my exposure to the many subspecialties within general surgery.”  

Sam Grinberg, MD, general surgery resident

“I’m excited to improve my surgical skills and have greater exposure to a wide range of surgical procedures, as well as to further my independent clinical decision-making capabilities.” 

Horacio Carvajal, MD, general surgery resident 

“Steadily improving my surgical and clinical skills and becoming a solid member of the team that can always be relied on. Getting some hands-on time with the surgical robot throughout the year, both in the lab and in the OR.”  

Fatima Mustansir, MBBS, general surgery resident 

“The opportunity to better understand the scope of plastic and reconstructive surgery and continue to explore career interests.” 

Kevin Urlaub, MD, plastic and reconstructive surgery resident

“Becoming a more experienced and competent clinician, honing surgical skills, and meeting new mentors and peers.” 

Charles Liu, MD, general surgery resident 

“Learning as much as possible about surgery while having fun and enjoying St. Louis with all my co-residents.” 

José Aldana, MD, general surgery resident

“Embracing the steep learning curve of intern year, working with my incredible co-interns and co-residents, and honing in on my clinical/research interests as I rotate on all of the services!” 

Nicole Santucci, MD, general surgery resident
Surgical Training at Washington University 

The Department of Surgery at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis offers four residency programs: 

Trainees in each program benefit from world-class simulation training, high clinical volume and mentorship from faculty who are leaders in their fields.