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Campus Catch-Up

The Washington University campus community is making headlines every day. Members of the School of Medicine are regularly featured in local, national and international news stories. Department of Surgery faculty, staff and medical students are leaders in their specialties, and share their expertise when called upon. Campus Catch-Up collects some of these stories and celebrates members of the community who are receiving recognition.

Surgeons help create new process for disinfecting and reusing N95 masks

From American College of Surgeons

Shaina Eckhouse, MD, from the Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Program, and Andrew Pierce, MHSA, collaborate to create a disinfecting process for N95 masks, making it easier for Washington University Physicians to safely use their masks.

Marc Moon to become President of AATS

From American Association for Thoracic Surgery

Marc Moon, MD, Section Chief of Cardiac Surgery, will become the president of the American Association for Thoracic Surgery at its 100th Annual Meeting on May 24th. Moon is an authority on cardiothoracic surgery who promotes heart health and treats even the rarest of cardiothoracic conditions.

Washington University residents and fellows receive Peloton bikes for their teams

From Peloton – The Comeback

Teresa Rice, MD, and Leisha Elmore, MD, wrote to Peloton, explaining why their teams at Washington University School of Medicine each deserved free Peloton bikes. They were both recognized by Peloton’s Comeback program, and will receive bikes for their respective areas.

Students, faculty providing coronavirus-related outreach to the Latino population

From Wash U Med News Hub

Washington University medical students and Acute and Critical Care surgeon LJ Punch, MD, address the need for Spanish COVID information by joining forces with local community partners.

100+ coronavirus questions answered by doctors


Washington University Physicians help KSDK spread facts rather than fear by answering over 100 COVID-19 questions from viewers.