Demystifying the Circulatory System

Blood cells circulating through a vessel

The Department of Surgery explains terminology and components of the circulatory system. We use plain language to explain to describe what arteries, vessels, and related structures are, how they are different and some common conditions that affect them.

Ask the Doctor: Heart Failure with Dr. Moon

Heart failure is a chronic and progressive condition in which the muscle tissue of the heart cannot pump enough blood to supply oxygen and circulation throughout the body. It results in symptoms like fatigue and shortness of breath but can cause other complications. Multiple types of HF exist and are treated differently depending on the stage.

Nutrition Tips from Public Health Experts

Healthy food on a heart shape cutting board

Experts from the Division of Public Health Sciences share nutrition and recipe tips, including how to choose healthy fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Campus Catch-Up

The Washington University campus community is making headlines every day. Members of the School of Medicine are regularly featured in local, national and international news stories. Department of Surgery faculty, staff and medical students are leaders in their specialties, and share their expertise when called upon. Campus Catch-Up collects some of these stories and celebrates members of the community who are receiving recognition.