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Meet the Residents: Heidy Cos, MD, and Anna Rose Johnson, MD, MPH

Residents in the Department of Surgery at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis are part of an academic program with diverse surgical training, strong research opportunities and mentors who are national leaders in their fields.

With residency programs in General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Urology and Vascular Surgery, residents in every specialty have access to world-class training. What makes each of these programs truly special is the community and camaraderie.

Get to know the residents in the Department of Surgery’s residency programs, why they chose Washington University School of Medicine for their surgical training and what it’s like to be a resident in St. Louis.

Heidy Cos, MD

Cos is a PGY-3 General Surgery resident who came to Washington University for residency after visiting for an away rotation and finding her perfect fit at the School of Medicine.

The Washington University General Surgery Residency is a five-year program, providing residents an amazing depth and breadth of clinical experience, the flexibility and personalization to create customized training, and a welcoming family of faculty and trainees.

Anna Rose Johnson, MD, MPH

Johnson is a PGY-1 Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery resident from Oceanport, New Jersey. Johnson, who attended Tufts University and Rutgers School of Public Health before joining the School of Medicine, is interested in lymphatic surgery for the prevention and treatment of lymphedema.

The Washington University Plastic Surgery Residency is a six-year integrated program, including 4 ½ years of training in breast, craniofacial, pediatrics, head/neck trauma, hand, microsurgery, cosmetic and peripheral nerve surgery. The program provides cutting-edge head-to-toe surgical training that prepares residents and fellows to be leaders in the specialties of plastic and reconstructive surgery.