Embracing the Adventure

Marc Moon, MD, shared his final presidential address at the American Association for Thoracic Surgery’s Annual Meeting.

A Smart Way to Prevent Kidney Stones

Washington University urologic surgeons Henry Lai, MD, and Alana Desai, MD, joined forces with the Urinary Stone Disease Research Network to determine if behavioral interventions, like drinking more water, can prevent kidney stones.

Ask the Doctors: Kidney Stones

Alana Desai, MD

Kidney stones are exceptionally common and affect nearly one in ten Americans. Those who have suffered from stones understand that kidney stones can be incredibly painful when they begin to pass. Washington University Urology offers advanced care for the treatment and prevention of kidney stones. In order to help the public know more about this […]

The Real Costs of Cosmetic Surgery Tourism

As medical tourism continues to rise in popularity, Washington University plastic and reconstructive surgeon Marissa Tenenbaum, MD, explains what patients should consider if thinking about traveling abroad for cosmetic surgery.