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Surgeons Begin Lung and Esophageal Cancer Clinic at Siteman Cancer Center in Shiloh

Graphic: Chrystie Tyler

Washington University* cardiothoracic surgeons, in partnership with Siteman Cancer Center, have expanded their services to patients living in Illinois.

Varun Puri, MD, MSCI, professor of surgery, and Ruben Nava, MD, assistant professor of surgery, have begun surgical consultations at the region’s sixth and newest Siteman Cancer Center facility at the Memorial Hospital East campus in Shiloh, Ill.

The thoracic surgical team is led by Bryan Meyers, MD, the Patrick and Joy Williamson Endowed Chair in Cardiothoracic Surgery and chief of thoracic surgery.

“As an Illinois resident who lives just a few miles away from Memorial Hospital, it is an honor to serve the patients within my own community and share my surgical expertise with my neighbors,” said Nava.

Puri and Nava join the facility’s multidisciplinary team of Washington University Physicians to treat patients diagnosed with lung cancer, esophageal cancer and Barrett’s esophagus. By expanding their services to the region, the Department of Surgery continues to excel in its mission to provide advanced surgical care to patients beyond the St. Louis area.

Location is just one barrier standing between patients and adequate cancer treatment. Recently, the Division’s cardiothoracic surgeons published research that found postponing lung cancer surgery more than 12 weeks from the date of diagnosis with a CT scan is associated with a higher risk of recurrence and death.

“Patients struggling with cancer should not feel burdened at any step of their treatment,” said Puri. “By providing a closer, convenient location for consultation and treatment, patients in our clinic can focus less on travel limitations and more on their healing journey.”

Siteman’s presence in the region provides convenient access to nationally recognized cancer care, including clinical trials, for residents of southern and central Illinois. Siteman also is committed to expanding access to cancer prevention and control strategies, clinical studies and genomic and genetic testing throughout the area, efforts aimed at reducing the burden of cancer on our neighbors and communities.

Appointments for the lung and esophagus cancer clinic at Memorial Hospital, located at  1418 Cross St. in Shiloh, Ill., can be made by calling Siteman’s Patient Care Coordination Center at 800-600-3606 from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. weekdays, or online.

*Clinical Services in Illinois provided by Washington University Physicians in Illinois Inc.